My art is influenced by a delicious cocktail of Seussville poetry, Peanuts characters and 70s cartoons, spiked with the art of Dali, Derek Riggs, Rick Griffin, Al Jaffee, and Kenny Scharf. I spend most of my time scratching lines on paper, laying colors down on canvas and manipulating vector points in the computer, all of which open the doors to the mischievous characters and unbalanced world floating around inside my cracked cranium.

I'm available for logos, greeting cards, character design, magazine covers, editorial spot illustration, children's picture books, advertising illustrations and illustrations for the web - commissions of any kind.

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What is Samalou?

A world of giggling lines and explosions of color

illustrations • paintings • drawings • pure joy


Make the world smile,
one illustration at a time

We can all use a little more color in our world, a little more fun, a little more joy. All my illustrations are created with these simple things in mind. I’m sharing my artwork with you so you can share it with others. Think of it like sharing a smile.


Don't take my word,
here's what others say

Lou is so talented his work should hang in museums. I've never seen such natural talent!

Mary Simeone
My Mom

Not only is he talented — he's so good looking too.

Laura Simeone
My Wife


My artwork is hotter than a jalapeño’s armpit

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Children’s Picture Books
Greeting Cards
Magazine Covers
and a whole lot more!

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